Miss Piggy's Guinea Pig Lair Inc.

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If any of you feel you the need to get away but have no where your furry friend can stay, we may be able to help!  

With over 8 years experience in animal care, I would love to meet your pet!

Our fees include a variety of vegetables, hay, pellet mix & grass.  

Your piggy will be kept very clean with fresh bedding.  

And long hairs will be brushed daily.

Prices are $3.50 per night per piggy.

FULL Payment is now required upon drop off. 



Q.  Do you take care of other animals?

A.  We sure do!  So long as they come with their own cage i.e. birds etc we can do it!

Q.  Can my pet be groomed while I am away?

A.  Sure can!  Grooming costs will just be added to your bill upon return.

Happy Holidays!