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Our Sponsor-a-Piggy Programme came about as we have so many permanent medicals within our care... 
Added to these permanents are those waiting upon their new home, each of these deserving piggies take a lot of care in the way of food, bedding, medication and sometimes veterinary care - which while they wait for their forever home this costs money.

If you can help one or more, please choose who you'd like to place your name to.

Sponsorship is $6AUD a week, this can happen weekly, fortnightly or monthly.  If you happen to be overseas you can still sponsor!  However, it unfortunately isn't tax deductible outside of Oz.  

Who needs sponsoring?

Below is a list of piggies who require sponsorship.

Please 'Contact us" with the piggy/ies name/s to arrange payment form and regularity of payment.

Who is sponsored?

Below is a list of Piggies who already have sponsors - some with their sponsees photo alongside.Give the a round of applause!!!

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