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Miss Piggy's Guinea Pig Lair Inc.

Adoptable Piggies

Welcome to our Piggy Lair!

Remember all of our piggies are rescues but will only be up for adoption when completely healthy, they all go to their new homes washed, wormed, lice-free & nails clipped! Adoption fee is the price of the piggy, this fee goes straight back into our rescue to pay for every piggies food and care.


Rusty & Chloe

Adoption fee: $60.00 for the pair  

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carri - Ah NO! Rusty (left) is desexed so no babies for this darling couple!

Rusty and his wife Chloe are my kind of pigs! But alas, I cannot keep healthy Guinea pigs when so many out there need help.

So the beautiful people that took in Rusty and Chloe donated to getting Rusty desexed so the loving pair could stay together. Gosh that warms my heart!

 If you’d like to adopt these guys a minimum floor space of 1400 x 700 for the pair as they are chunky!  Hehe!

If you’d like to adopt this pair or any of our others please fill out an application here

Sammy & Addy

Adoption fee: $50.00 for the pair  

Sammy and Addy have been with us for a total of ten weeks to rule out any pregnancy. They have also undergone quarantine and been treated against any threat of Coccidia, as do any of our adoptables.

They were ten weeks of age when they arrived in our care, so are now twenty weeks of age!

Being young they are fast on their feet!

Many young ones are easily homed, but sadly children have a more difficult time with them than older ones, which means they often end up within a shelter’s care.

Any piggy of any age should be picked up and handed to an already seated child as small hands chasing them around an enclosure will only frighten them more.

Sammy and Addy are beautiful girls who will require patience. If you have that to give along with love, please fill out an adoption application here

Daisy & Chloe

Adoption fee: $50.00 for the pair  

Meet Eliza and Marshmallow.

Oh boy do I adore these girls, not only are they great at cuddles they love each other which makes my job that much easier!

Eliza (left) is about one year of age and Marshmallow (right) is around eighteen months.

Did I mention these ladies are cuddly!!! 🥰

To apply to adopt these ladies or any of our other adoptables please fill out an application here 

Daisy & Chloe

Adoption fee: $50.00 for the pair  

Daisy and Chloe are here due to the rental crisis and have been with us since March, so can go straight up for adoption!

They couldn’t be more opposite, but get along well with space…

Please don’t apply if you don’t plan to have them indoors only as Chloe’s fur won’t fair well outdoors.

The pair also need their space as they aren’t small critters! A minimum of 1400 x 700 is required to house these ladies.

If you’d like to apply for these girls please send in an application here 

Luna & Buddy

Adoption fee: $50.00 for the pair  

I’ll be straight with you, don’t adopt these girls if they are for young children.

Buddy is quite timid as Luna is dominant over her. However, the pair do get along in a larger enclosure. They are currently residing in a 1400 x 700

I’ll add, don’t adopt any piggies for young children if you as a parent/guardian aren’t intending to do ALL of the work. Shelters are sadly inundated due to many thinking these guys are “starter pets” no pet should be given that status - least of all Guinea pigs.

If you as an adult would like a pair of furry companions in your life, I think these ladies might be right for you!

To apply to adopt this pair or any of our other adoptables please fill out an application here

Coco & Charcoal

Adoption fee: $50.00 for the pair  

These ladies were surrendered together and are surprisingly the same age. Space in a piggy relationship is everything! While their previous owner did what she knew to be best unfortunately lack of space within their previous enclosure has made Coco (left) a little on edge.

You see, Charcoal (right) is a dominant female and when Coco didn’t have enough space from her she didn’t eat as much, nor did she venture out a lot so she is on the timid side. Coco loves humans but is of course wary of Charcoal.

I have the girls in a 1400 x 700 now and Coco has begun to gain confidence along with weight. Still the weight difference between the two is huge! Coco weighs in at 844g and Charcoal weighs in at 1150g.

Because Coco is timid I wouldn’t recommend this pair for younger children. If you’re an adult after companionship I’d recommend these girls for you!

BUT remember a big enclosure and two houses are definitely required for these ladies.

You may ask if I have considered separating the pair and finding them new friends. I have, however space has helped this relationship and I don’t like to separate piggies that come in together unless absolutely necessary for their part.

If you’d like to apply for these girls please send in an application here 


Hawke & Jack

Adoption fee:  $50.00 for the pair

Hehe, aren’t they cute!

These boys didn’t arrive together, but they get along great!

Hawke (left) was surrendered along with three other boys. He was in a pair, however I had to separate him from his previous friend as it sadly didn’t work out.

But when Jack (right) came along these boys thrived together, even gaining weight! 💚

Hawke is about a year of age, while Jack is about two. They do need their space so require a minimum of a 1400 x 700 enclosure.

To apply to adopt please fill out our adoption application here

Pappy & Biscuit

Adoption fee:  $50.00 for the pair

Pappy (left) was brought in by Olivia, a lovely member of the public who took it upon herself to catch this little guy that had been roaming in the bushes for four months. Biscuit (right) was surrendered along with two females (separately) so both boys needed a male friend. These guys are around the eighteen-month mark.

While they get along great, they need space as do many piggies, especially males. If you are interested in this pair, please note they are going to require a minimum space of a 1400 x 700 and two hides/houses.

I should add that Pappy is a bit of an adventurer! I guess he had to learn this due to his past for survival and may I say he does it well! He’s gone walk about on me TWICE within the Shelter, it took me quite some time to find him! 🤣 

To apply to adopt please fill out our adoption application here

Chip & Prince

Adoption fee:  $50.00 for the pair

Chip arrived in our care along with Oreo. Oreo had an infected eye and a tear in his ear. I watched the pair closely after they arrived and noticed Oreo pushed Chip to the point of retaliation, so not all the blame lay upon Chip.

Prince arrived at a later date separated from the friend he arrived with. Prince is a shy guy, he’s not in this world to cause anyone harm, least of all his new buddy Chip. Again, I’ve watched this pair closely and they get along well.

Opposites attract with piggies, one always seems to be outgoing while the other one is shy. Both of these boys are about eighteen months of age. And looking for a now home together 🥰

Please only apply for these boys if you are considering an enclosure of 1400 x 700 or larger and two hidey homes.

To apply to adopt please fill out our adoption application here