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Surrender Form


Email Address*

I certify that I am the true and rightful owner, or have the authority of the owner, of the guinea pig/s that I am requesting to surrender to Miss Piggy's Guinea PIg Lair any right of property in such guinea pig/s. *

By submitting this surrender application form, I understand that I relinquish all ownership rights of the guinea pig/s Miss Piggy's Guinea Pig Lair Inc will provide all necessary care and consideration for rehoming the guinea pig/s.  I also agree that I will not be able to adopt for the following THREE years*

Surrender terms and conditions acknowledgement and agreement. *


Name/s of guinea pig/s being surrendered*

Were these guinea pig/s adopted from us*

If yes, what are their original adoption names? (if known)*

Approximate age or D.O.B.*

How long have you owned these guinea pigs?*

Does this/these guinea pig/s have any medical conditions? If yes, what are they? (This information is required so the Refuge can place your guinea pig/s with a suitably qualified carer.) *

Monetary donation (while MPGPL doesn't charge a surrender fee, a monetary donation of a minimum of $10 per guinea pig is appreciated. This donation will help feed and care for your guinea pig/s until a new home is found. It is up to the individual whether they choose to donate.) *

Number of guinea pigs to be surrendered*

How many guinea pigs per cage e.g. 1 cage with 2 and 1 cage with 1 *

Males - how many?*

Females - how many?*

If mixed gender, have they been housed together?*

Are any of these guinea pigs desexed?*

Reason for surrender*

Will you be donating your guinea pigs cage and/or accessories? *

Thank you for reaching out.

We have received your submission and will be in touch soon to ensure the best care for your guinea pig/s.

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