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Adoption Application

Before adopting, it is important to take the following points into consideration:

Do I have the time to care for my new guinea pigs, including cage cleaning, feeding and generally spending time with them?

Do I have the finances needed to provide appropriate food, bedding, housing and medical expenses if illness or injury occurs?

Have I researched proper guinea pig care including diet, housing and common medical issues?

If you rent, have you received approval from your landlord in regards to having guinea pigs on the property/in the house?

If you answered "yes" to all of the above and you would like to adopt, please complete our adoption application below...

Name - First & Last*

Email Address*


Age - Must be over 18 years*

If you rent, do you have permission from your landlord to have guinea pigs?*

Have you previously owned guinea pigs?*

Please tell us a little about the guinea pigs you have at the moment or have previously owned. *

Is this application due to one of your guinea pigs dying and your remaining guinea pig/s being in need of companionship?*

What will your guinea pigs' diet consist of?*

Where will your guinea pigs be housed? *

What will your pets bedding consist of? (under their feet)

What is the size of your cage / enclosure i.e. length x width. Guinea Pigs require a minimum of 60 x 60cm square per pet. Please note: MPGPL has suitable guinea pig housing for sale at competitive pricing. For details, please see 'Cages & Carriers'*

Have you, or do you intend to show or breed guinea pigs? If yes, please provide more information. *

How many guinea pigs are you looking to adopt? (Guinea pigs are herd animals and require at least one friend)*

Will children be handling the guinea pigs? If yes, please list their ages:

Are you interested in a particular guinea pig or group of guinea pigs? If yes, please specify.

Do you have any other pets? Please provide details. If you have other guinea pigs, please list sexes and ages.*

Is your yard fully fenced and secured?*

Please email an actual photo of your cage / enclosure in the location where your guinea pigs will be housed (stock photos or images from the internet not accepted). If you intend purchasing your cage from the Lair, please provide a photo of the location where your guinea pigs will be housed.*

Thank you for your interest in adopting.
Your application has been received, and we will contact you soon to discuss the next steps.

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